About us

Analysis International was founded during 2001 as a high-level research institute and think tank engaged in policy-oriented analysis and action research to assist governments, the private sector and the wider community in Australia and the broader region.

Its particular emphasis is on the Asia-Pacific region, but it also has a keen interest in Africa and in comparative studies involving Asia, Africa and Latin America. It has special expertise in the following areas that are of crucial importance in an era of global transformation:

Given the importance of these sorts of issues in an era of rapid change and uncertainty about the future at every level of society, it is surprising that until the founding of Analysis International there was no sophisticated research institute in Australia devoted to the analysis of such a range of problems in our region and in the wider world.

Thus, Analysis International was established as an independent body that is non-partisan, critical and yet committed to an intense public debate about future directions and policies. It serves as a bridge between scholarship, public policy and the needs of the private sector. It is able to draw on some of the best talents and ideas that are available in a range of universities, in government, in local and multilateral organisations of various kinds, and in the private sector.