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Analysis International is the creation of two of Australia's most respected researchers and analysts in these fields: and analysts in these fields:


Professor John McKay is one of Australia 's leading authorities on the economic, political and strategic situation in Asia. After 12 years as Director of the Monash Asia Institute, he has an intimate knowledge of the entire region, and a particular strength in the interpretation of the broad changes taking place right across Asia.

He has a special interest in the economic restructuring of Asia , the emerging security situation, and economic and political cooperation in the region. He has been Director of the Australian APEC Study Centre since 1995. He has recently undertaken a number of detailed studies of Korea , Taiwan and Japan . He has also played a leading role in a series of “second track diplomacy” initiatives relating to the Korean Peninsula , the nuclear situation in South Asia , and the issue of Taiwan-China relations. He has published widely on all these questions, and from 1992 to 1999 was Joint Editor of the Asian Studies Review. He is Vice President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, and has served as a member of the Executive of the Korean Studies Association of Australasia. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the new Journal of Comparative Governance.


Professor Mark Wahlqvist is generally regarded as Australia 's most eminent nutritionist whilst also a major figure in medicine and public health. He has held chairs in either human nutrition or internal medicine for more than two decades, is currently President of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences, with UN responsibilities in WHO and FAO, and he plays a key role in food regulation and policy.

He has developed or chaired many community, state, national and international initiatives and committees from the arts to the sciences and medicine, often of a humanitarian nature. His research and writings have led to paradigm shifts in thinking about food and health, with some 450 scientific papers and 20 books. A recurrent research theme in his work has been internationalism and the discovery of cross-cultural solutions to health and other problems. He is the immediate past President of the Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society, and he has been the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition for 10 years. He was awarded Sweden 's Charlotta medal for his work on migration, and made an Officer of the Order of Australia on Australia Day 2000.